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Presenting the Dater’s Bill of Rights


We frequently hear from daters about the disrespectful – sometimes downright rude – experiences that seem to accompany today’s dating. We’ve heard it all: the no-shows, the ghosting, the date who goes to the restroom never to return, the pictures that don’t at all match the real person.

Hopefully, these experiences are a minority of all dating experiences; nevertheless, it’s a facet of dating that no one should have to deal with.

We believe that every dater deserves to treated with respect, honesty, and decency … and we’ve decided to do something about it!

Today, we proudly announce the Dater’s Bill of Rights.

The Dater’s Bill of Rights (DBoR) is a way for you and your dates to agree to date by a set of simple, respectful ground rules, ensuring that every one of your dating experiences can be one in which your dignity will be respected and protected.

It’s super simple. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the and read the Bill.
  2. Agree to date by the rules by entering your name and email address.
  3. You’ll receive a certificate via email showing that you’ve agreed to date according to the rules listed in the Bill.
  4. Invite your dates to sign the Dater’s Bill of Rights before you go on a first date. You can even exchange certificates before your date if you want to trust but verify 😀 .
  5. If you’re an online dater, put that you’ve signed the Bill in your online profile so that others can find you, and search your online dating site for others who have signed the Bill.

What’s really important here is this:

If you believe in honest, respectful dating, then the those who are naturally meant for you also believe in it.

This means that the Dater’s Bill gives you a way to control and improve your dating experiences, and it also serves as a filter to eliminate those who don’t share your values in dating (people that you shouldn’t be meeting). It’s a win-win!


And don’t be afraid to ask! If they don’t want to sign, then they aren’t the right person for you. Never, ever worry about the ones who are wrong for you; only worry about finding the ones who are right!

This is how we bring back respectful, honest, dignified dating. It’s a simple and elegant solution … and it’s something we can do together to make dating better!

And, it’s just the first step. The Dater’s Bill of Rights is the first phase in a movement we’ve named the Lovalution. We’ll talk more about that later!

At Bloved, we are both fully committed and deeply passionate about our mission to help singles find Loveships.

Let the Lovalution Begin!

Sign the Bill at

PS: If you have a question, thought, comment, or insight about the Bill or the Lovalution, please reach out and let us know at

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