She Lost Her Soul Mate And Thinks She Will Never Find Another: You Have More Than One Soul Mate

Modern Love EvolvedPosted in Google+ was What Is A Soul Mate. At the bottom there was a single comment from Lisa:

My soul mate passed. Know he was my soul mate.

I was touched by the simple, poignant statement of her loss. It’s not often that you see someone say that they have a soul mate let alone having lost one. It had been something that I had also experienced:

So sorry to hear. I lost my first soul mate as well. Then, I found another…and another.
Our Mirror Law #16 says that you have more than one mirror, more than one soul mate.

When you’re ready for love again, you can find another love just as strong and amazing.

Wishing you the best in all things.

That simple exchanged started us on a conversation about loss, and pain, and anger.

Her soul mate husband had passed after a two year battle with cancer…and she felt the loss deeply. She was angry with God. She couldn’t understand how God needed her husband more than she did. Lisa was inconsolable, a sadness her children tried to assuage. She felt that she would never find that deep love again.

That was a feeling I knew all too well.

Having a soul mate is a deeply profound experience. There really are few words that fully describe what it is to be with a soul mate. There are even fewer to describe what it is like to lose one.

When I found Helen, my first mirror connection, we were a couple before we left the first date. Engaged in a month, we were deeply happy together. Emily Matthews describes at least part of the experience well.

But the immense power of the connection was too much for Helen and I lost her after four months. It nearly destroyed me. Already thin, I lost 15 pounds off my 6 foot frame. I couldn’t work or sleep. My friends worried about the deep depression I fell into. All those years I had waited for my one soul mate to arrive and I had lost her forever.

So, I knew something of this Lisa’s pain. I also knew that if she tried again that should could have another love that was just as strong.


Not long after I lost Helen, I met another woman who told me that the idea of having a single soul mate was just an artifact of when the soul mate concept was created. At that time, bumping into a soul mate was an incredibly rare occurrence. Today it’s different. Online dating can help you find the many soul mates that you truly have.

That set me on a path that eventually led me to find another mirror connection…then another and another after that. Eventually, it led me to Judy, writing the book, and starting dating/relationship site to help others find a connection so much stronger and deeper than the typical relationships we chase today.

Modern Love EvolvedFor people, like Lisa, who have had the gift of knowing a soul mate, the idea that they can have another is very difficult to believe. This is one of the most problematic issues I have in helping people to find a Loveship (soul mate, true love). People just cannot believe that they can have another. The funny thing is that when they try, they not only find another, but it is almost always more powerful and amazing than the first!

I promised Lisa that when she was ready to find love that she would find another soul connection with a man who would fill her life again.

I hope it made her feel at least a little better.

For those of you that have had experience and lost that amazing mirror connection, you can have it again. Of this I have absolutely no doubt. You have had the greatest gift of all because you know what a soul mate is and how it feels. All you need to do is have a little faith and begin to search.

For those of you who have yet to have the experience, there is nothing like it. It’s an experience that will profoundly change your life forever. All you need to do is know what to search for.

More About Finding Deep Love

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The Mirror Effect; finding your Mirror; and the simple, tangible 6 Steps start with the How Do I Find A Soul Mate video.


After divorcing from a 22 year traditional relationship of compromise, friction, and work, Troy discovered the Mirror Effect on a first date. The discovery had such a profound impact that it completely changed his views on dating and relationships.

Using the Mirror Effect, when Troy found Judy, their connection was so strong that they fell in love on their first date and were engaged in two months. Together now for five years, they share a deep love relationship of ease and harmony without the work.

Together with Team Bloved, Troy and Judy work to put people on a path to deep love that doesn’t lead to a 50% divorce rate. Their book, The Mirror Effect: More Than Soul Mates (6 Steps To Finding a Loveship Using Online Dating) rebuilds dating and relationships from the ground up to provide a dating and relationship progression that results in the deep, harmonious, frictionless relationships that people are looking for today. Their online dating and Loveship website,, is designed to fully integrate the Mirror Effect and the 6 Steps.

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  1. I would like to say this touched me very deeply. I have been broken up with many times and there was even one point in my life where I was suicidal because of a love I lost. But as the years went on and “chance” happened, I think I may have found one of my soul mates. The fact is I don’t believe in just one. I met a man that I could have a future with and love deeply, but at the same time I have an ex that I have such a deep friendship with. I believe you don’t just get one.

  2. Thanks for writing and being so open. Losing love is hard, losing a soul mate can be nearly impossible to bear…and, as you say, there is more than one.

    I’m so glad that you’ve found deep love! There’s nothing like it…

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