It’s an unHinged, Earth-shattering Day for Online Dating … But Not in the Way You Think!

It’s an earth-shattering day for online dating!

Hinge has come to the realization that ‘swipe dating’ leaves people feeling empty and lonely. So, they’ve changed their direction. They’ve kicked their dating app to the curb and replaced it with a new relationship app. Their new corporate missions reads, “Inspired by love, and guided by authenticity, Hinge creates meaningful connections among those bold enough to seek real relationships.” Of this change of heart, Tech Crunch wrote, “Hinge closes the door on casual dating to focus on serious relationships”.

Funny, the image for their new relationship app doesn’t show a couple!

This a monumental shift, but not because Hinge has broken-up with swiping. Their move is momentous because they’ve admitted that dating isn’t the key to finding love: It’s all about the relationship. An online dating site—an entity created to enable dating—has come to the realization that in order to find love, you must look beyond dating and focus on the relationship. And they’re right! We were the first in the online dating industry to say this more than five years ago with Magical Matches, and continue with even more clarity and vision today as we become

Now that one of my predictions has come true, I’ll make another:
Hinge’s new direction will fail.

Hinge, and their customers, will soon discover that finding real relationships and finding real love are two entirely different things.

Here’s why.

For more than five decades both relationship experts and couples have been trying to make real relationships work. According to the common wisdom, real relationships are built with a mixture of love and caring, effort and compromise, and communication and trust to name a few—and even with backing of all of that expertise and experience, half of those real relationships will end up in divorce. Beyond that, another 30% of those couples will end up unhappily married. shutterstock_168991730heartbroken_small
That’s right. Over 80% of marriages fail to achieve a togetherness that even approaches true love. Impossible, you say? Just ask yourself, how many couples do you know that have a thriving marriage where they know that they are deeply loved and understood, and where they wake up every day absolutely knowing that they are with the right person for them?

In order to find the real thing, we must face the obvious.  If love and care and effort and communication were the key to unlocking true love, we would be surrounded by amazing relationships. But we aren’t. Clearly, finding real relationships has nothing to do with finding real, true love.

Finding true love means not only looking beyond dating, but also looking beyond the relationship.

Finding true love requires a radically different approach.  True love is not about building a relationship. True love is about finding someone who is naturally meant for you. When you find someone who is naturally meant for you, the need for all those “relationship survival tools” becomes unnecessary.

shutterstock_67123282bThink about what it would be like to have a deep natural connection, natural harmony, and a natural love. Imagine how fun, easy, and fulfilling that relationship would be!  As a matter of fact, it would be so profoundly different from the typical real relationship that you couldn’t call it a relationship anymore. It would be a … Loveship!

Finding someone who is naturally meant for you won’t just change what you think about dating and relationships, it will change everything you think you know about love.

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If you think what Hinge has done is monumental, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

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