Who We Are

We are Jedis for love, battling the evil dating myths and relationship paradigms that have led us to a glut of bad dates and a 50% divorce rate that has remained unchanged for decades. We are here to say to singles that something has gone terribly wrong when only 1 in 5 relationships is truly thriving. We are here to point out that effort and work are not answers, they are the problem. We bring singles together in a better way—a radically different path to finding someone who is naturally meant for them.

Together with Team Bloved, Troy and Judy work to put people on a path to finding someone who is naturally meant for them. Through the Bloved 1-Day Event and their book, The Mirror Effect: More Than Soul Mates (6 Steps To Finding Your Magical Match Using Online Dating), singles discover how to find a different type of relationship — one which has an epic love, profound connection, and 99% harmony. It’s a love that feels so magical that it can no longer be called a relationship: it’s a Loveship.

Troy’s email box is always open! He enthusiastically encourages you to reach out with your questions or comments. troy@bloved.com.

How We Help

1. We educate
In a world where we get more training on how to drive a car than how to pick the right partner, we help singles see the 50 year old paradigm that primes them to select the wrong partner, then show them a radically different path to finding the deepest of loves. (Then we help you find it!)

2. We help you think differently.
Success in finding a Loveship means setting an uncompromising bar, a higher standard.  With the Mirror Effect and the 6 Steps, you’ll understand how to find someone who is naturally meant for you — a pairing without the compromise, friction, and work where you are naturally seen, heard, understood, and loved for exactly who you are.

3. It’s a partnership.
Other sites are finished once they get you to the first date.   Not us.  We don’t consider our job finished until you’ve found the person that is meant for you.  That’s why we have Lifetime Memberships.   That’s why we have online tools, questionnaires, and graphs for the 6 Steps that you can (and should!) use during the entire journey from first date to committed relationship.   That’s why we have in-person and web-based seminars; online radio talk shows; two books; the Inner Circle Tablet (our Mirror Effect Encyclopedia); and loads of other ways that we can work together so that you can succeed!

4. It’s about you.
Troy and Judy, our founders, have been there; they know what it is like to be searching and not succeeding.  They also know how it feels to use the Mirror Effect and 6 Steps to find the deepest of loves.   They have their love now.   Their mission—their calling—is to help you find the same profound, harmonious, easy love they share.   So, that’s how we roll at BLOVED.  We’ll even help you use the Mirror Effect and 6 Steps on all your other online dating sites.  We are all about you and your search for love. If it’s not about you, we don’t do it.

5. It’s about LOVE.
Like you, we believe in love.   Not just any love, we believe in deep love—to the depth, and breadth, and height a soul can reach.  We believe that everyone deserves to be loved just the way they are, and we are dedicated to helping you find and hold that love.   We won’t give up, and neither should you.   A bloved is out there for you.  Understand it is there.   Know that you can find it.   Believe that it will be worth it.

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